After more than 50 years of existence, Arte Morhua has earned a leading spot in the domestic and international market.
Thanks to their wide experience in the sector, Arte Morhua enjoys advantageous agreements with different fishing boat owners, enabling the company to have first-hand access to the best raw materials.
A pioneering creator of new products, Arte Morhua boasts a wide range of market-leading products with distribution throughout several countries.
Although cod is our top product, we extend our experience to other premium products such as Skrei cod and Alaskan salmon.
The factory has production space totalling 7,500m2 as well as excellent technological equipment placing us at the head of the industry sector and giving us the capacity to adapt to future needs.
All this has helped make Arte Morhua the market leader in Spain today.

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Arte Morhua has always cultivated excellence.
We are committed to flavour, quality and food safety. From the sea to the table, we carry out rigorous controls combining tradition, experience and the latest technology.
Arte Morhua has its own quality control department to achieve this. The manufacturing processes are controlled according to the strictest food safety requirements. This is shown by the different certificates that vouch for us, among which the IFS and Skrei certificates stand out.


The sustainability of fishing resources, human development and respect for the environment are our values.
100% of our products come from a wild environment and are subject to strict quotas to guarantee their sustainability, thus tackling the problem of over-fishing and ensuring the means of support for marine stocks. We are MSC certified for this purpose.

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Dimar cod has been served in every home for more than 50 years. It’s our company’s icon and a market leader in its sector.
Under the Dimar brand, we offer salted, de-salted and frozen cod.

ART-Morhua is the company’s premium line. It was founded in 2016 and is called “Great Sustainable Origins” due to the exclusive source of the species caught and its MSC certificate.
The three products it offers are “Lofoten Islands” Skrei Cod, “Copper River” Alaskan Salmon and “Cantabrian Fleet” Cod.
This product is aimed at supermarkets and the Horeca trade channel.

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